Terms and conditions

Please, read the following service terms and conditions (the agreement) before using the services offered by iNOSUR LLC and/or Mat|r. By subscribing our Beta and using Mat|r services, you agree to accept all terms and conditions written in here as well as to be obliged herein to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. You must not use the services provided by this platform if you disagree with any of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. The use of Mat|r services is expressly conditioned to the agreement of the terms and conditions stated herein, with the exclusion of all other terms.

The terms of use may be revised or changed anytime resulting in the modification of this page. Please, visit this page occasionally to check for changes as they are binding to you.

All services provided by Mat|r consist of a development tool which allows creating mobile and web native applications based on data changes and encourages effective participation and collaboration of teams.

When accepting being part of Beta, you are helping later versions of Mat|r to be better. As a Mat|r Beta member, you get benefits in our platform.

The feedback we receive on quality and usability helps us to identify and solve problems as well as to improve Mat|r.

1. Participating in the Beta program. The goal of the Beta program is to provide previous access to a publication, pre launch and documentation services as well as related material and information. All these items are available for the participants of the Beta Program with the express purpose of giving feedback to Mat|r about the quality and usability of the Software.
You hereby understand and accept that participating in the Beta program is voluntarily and does not create a legal society or agency, or a working relationship between you and Mat|r.
Mat|r reserves the right to modify, from time to time, the terms and conditions of the Beta programs and to revoke your participation in the Beta program anytime.

The identification and password used to log in as a program beta participant must not be shared under any circumstance. You must maintain confidentiality of such information or any other activity related to your account.

2. Restrictions. Subject to the fulfillment of this agreement, Mat|r grants you access to use the platform only for the purpose of testing and evaluation.
The program does not confer on you the right to use Mat|r for any other purpose nor to disclose or replicate the platform.

3. Feedback. Mat|r offers the possibility of sending error reports, questionnaires, improvement requests, problems reports and/or support information. Mat|r can also request this information by means of different tools, as well as by email, web surveys, error forms and other procedures. By accepting this, you agree that Mat|r can contact you periodically as regards the Beta program and you hereby accept to receive such communications.

4. Support and maintenance. During your participation in the Beta program, Mat|r is not obliged to provide any kind of maintenance service or technical support whatsoever. Nevertheless, the team is at your disposal for any inconvenient you may have.

5. Discussion forum. As part of the Beta program, you can participate in the discussion forums provided by Mat|r.

6. Duration and termination of your participation. You are free to stop participating in the program whenever you decide.

7. The intellectual property of the applications built in Mat|r with Mat|r script and stored in the Mat|r Portal belongs to the author, e.i., the Owner of the account where that code is generated. In case the code is written by the member of a team, the intellectual property belongs to the Owner of that team.

Privacy Policy

The platform gathers diverse personal data from our users, for this reason the privacy policy covers our management of personally identifiable information (personal data) compiled when you register at our site to be a Beta tester, as well as the information you upload to the platform once you have joined.

All the collected information is personal data such as name and email address. You are free to provide certain information, but it is possible you may not be able to register at Mat|r or take advantage of some of our functions if you decide not to share it.

  • The use of the application in your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This includes certain aspects, such as:
    • The way you use the application
  • Your account. This includes certain aspects, such as:
    • Information you provide through the registration process
    • Access credentials
    • Email address
  • The devices where the application is run. This includes certain aspects, such as:
    • Type of device and operating system
    • Type of connection
    • Software
    • Mobile phone number and IP address
    • Location
  • The use of the application in a computer. When you use this service through the web site related to this application, we can gather data such as:
    • Computer information, operating system and IP address
    • Cookies information and other similar technologies, including flash cookies

We can use the gathered information by means of this application to provide a better service and improve and personalize your experience.

We will not share your information with any third part without having your explicit consent.

Mat|r assumes no responsibility for any damages caused to the user which may result in mistakes or errors or that create problems in the use and functioning of the platform during the use of the service.

This privacy policy describes the way Mat|r gathers and uses personal information that you provide to our site: https://platform.matrproject.com (the ‘site’) and through the use of services available in it (the ‘services’).

When registering or using the site or services in any way, you agree to accept the practices and policies stated in this Privacy Policy.

In case you have any question or doubt about our privacy policies, send us a detailed message to contact@matrproject.com